Aviation Advisory Founded on Operational Experience

Research & Strategy

Market research, diligence and marketing/corporate strategy.

Operational Experience

Previous industry senior executive experience as worldwide marketing director.

Branding and Social Media

Humanizing brands through emotional connections, culture building & social purpose.

Specialty In Aviation

Our SocialVoice LLC affiliation brings high-profile brand-building experience.

Investment Banking Footprint

Ability to raise capital and perform buy-side and sell-side assignments.

Aviation Industry Specialty

Through an affiliation with John W. Loofbourrow Associates, Inc., member FINRA, SIPC, MSRB.


  • Market research, diligence and strategies
  • Branding and social media with affiliate SocialVoice
  • Investment banking services with affiliate John W. Loofbourrow Associates, Inc
  • Speaking engagements
  • Board of Director, Advisory Board and Executive in Residence assignments

Founder & President

Brian Foley
Brian FoleyPresident
Brian Foley is an independent market analyst in the general aviation industry and is often quoted in trade press and business journals. Assignments typically include market research, guidance retainers and other high level activities for the investment community, aviation companies and other consultancies.

He formed Brian Foley Associates (BRiFO) in 2006 after 20 years as Dassault Falcon Jet’s Director of Marketing. His career began at the Boeing Company in Flight Test and Marketing.

The firm is often chosen on the basis of Foley’s reputation and recognition in the industry, being independent and opinionated and having actual management work experience in the aviation industry. He also maintains a footprint in the investment banking community through affiliate John W. Loofbourrow Associates, and in branding with affiliate SocialVoice LLC.

Mr. Foley holds a dual degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Syracuse University, MBA from Seattle University. He serves in Board Member and Senior Advisor capacities having completed the Wharton Executive Education Program on Corporate Governance.

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