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August 28 , 2014       Live TV Interview:  "Business People, Entrepreneurs Flock to Luxury Jet Travel"

July 23 , 2014             Live TV Interview:  "Should Airplanes Have Missile Defense Systems?"

July 21 , 2014                            General Aviation Engine Technology:  The Next Big Thing

July 21 , 2014                            General Aviation Investment Capital:  Still Tight But Loosening

April 14, 2014     "In China, a Big Jet Becomes a Status Symbol"

April 3, 2014                            Why China's Bizjet Fleet To Remain "Top-Heavy" While Still Growing at a Healthy Rate

March 10, 2014                         Reflections From Heli-Expo:  The Elephant In The Room

October 1, 2013             "Private Jet Services Become (Slightly) More Affordable"

July 16, 2013                              Private Aviation In Latin America:  Changing Of The Guard

May 9, 2013                                Private Aviation In Europe:  Slow Yet Steady

April 4, 2013                               Private Aviation In China:  Not So Fast

February 25, 2013                       Rotorcraft Delivery Values Rival Business Jets

December 4, 2012                       Charter vs. Fractional:  Billions on the Table, But Whose Model Will Prevail?

November 27, 2012      Billionaire Joins Quest for Boomless Supersonic Jets

September 10, 2012 Chinese Jet Set Grounded By Lack of Pilots, Paperwork

September 5, 2012                       Business Aviation Recovery Now Hinges On U.S.

August 6, 2012                             Latin American Market Could Be Pivotal

July 5, 2012                                  General Aviation Blues, Continued:  Is the Current Slump the "New Normal"?

May 6, 2012                                  Europe's Shrinking Bizjet Fleet

March 15, 2012                            China Welcomes General Aviation With Exuberance Today, Sustainable Growth Tomorrow

February 20, 2012          Live TV Interview: "Will Private Jets Make a Comeback in 2012?"

February 15, 2012      "Skewered By Politics, Corporate Jets Set For Rebound"

January 19, 2012                             Helicopter Sales To Require More Rigorous Cost Justification

December 8, 2011                             Middle Eastern Bizjet Fleet Shrinkage Isn't All Bad News

October 10, 2011                             To Avoid Bizjet Delivery Purgatory, Economic Growth and Confidence Are Musts

August 15, 2011                              General Aviation To Prevail Over Economic Volatility

July 5, 2011                                     Europe's "Carbon Tax" Won't Help Business Flying

May 13, 2011                                   Expect Moderated Growth For General Aviation In Current European Climate

April 26 , 2011                                 Update:  Investors Waiting On Cirrus Counter-Offer

March 15 , 2011                              Foley Organizes Cirrus Counter-Offer

March 9 , 2011                               On China's Recent General Aviation Buying Spree

February 22, 2011                          Civil Helicopter Market Appears Poised to Trend Up Soon

February 2, 2011                            General Aviation to Outperform

December 2, 2010                           Middle Eastern Bizjet Market Isn't Solely Based On Oil

November 5, 2010                          China:  An Emerging Adjunct to General Aviation Market

October 25, 2010                            Used Business Jet Financing:  Does Anybody Really Get It?

July 30, 2010                                 Latin America To Help Carry General Aviation Recovery

July 9, 2010                        "More Private Planes Are Being Repossessed"

June 7, 2010                                  General Aviation Hits Speed Bump

May 14, 2010                                 Rising Dollar To Cause General Aviation Market Shift

April 9, 2009            "The Well-Off Are Spending Again -- but Carefully "

March 18, 2010                               Piston Aircraft Growth to Outpace Jets and Turboprops

February 26, 2010                           India Outlook:  High Growth, Low Volume

February 16, 2010                           Forecast:  Modest Growth for Bizjets and Fuel

January 4, 2010                               Recovery Quietly Organizing, Foley Says

December 4, 2009      "Potential Successor to Buffett Has Tough Task"

November 30, 2009                           Bizjet Charter Tries To Find Its Holy Grail

November 23, 2009                "A Turboprop Built for Trouble"

October 21, 2009                             TV Interview:  National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Annual Convention

October 20, 2009            "GE Business Aircraft Finance Says Worst is Over"

October 19, 2009                     "Stock of Used Jets Piles On Price Pressure"

September 28, 2009                         Very Light Jet Snapshot:  "Contrary to Revolution," Foley Says

September 22, 2009            "Two Companies Let You Hop a Jet For Less"

August 31, 2009                               Fractional Jet Ownership Evolves; "Business Models Must Adapt", Says Foley

July 31, 2009                                     Negative Bizjet Orders Possible in 2009

July 9, 2009                                       Bizjet Deliveries Below '08 Levels For Decade

July 2, 2009                  "Business Jet Market Faces Slow Recovery

June 8, 2009                 "Public Flak Grounds Private Jets"

May 20, 2009                                    Business Aviation Market Shocks Subside

May 11, 2009                           "Secondhand Market: Ghost Jets Swell Perception of Glut In Used Aircraft For Sale"

April 9, 2009                                     US to Lead Elusive Bizjet Recovery

March 12, 2009                                Used Business Jet Inventory To Peak Mid-Year

February 9, 2009                              Make or Break Year in Bizav

January 21, 2009            "Business Jet Demand Is Stalling"

January 6, 2009                                Bizjet Fleet Orders Shaky

December 11, 2008                          Bizjet Market Recovery Forced Sooner

November 13, 2008                          Brian Foley Associates Sees Shrinking Bizav Backlogs

October 16, 2008                              Latest Industry Delivery Forecasts Unrealistic

September 19, 2008                         Brian Foley Associates Predicts Steeper Bizav Decline (Note: We were the first to publicly call for a long, severe drop)


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